GT Produce is HACCP certified by SGS Australia. The quality system operating within GT Produce fulfils the requirements of codex Alimentarius HACCP and the Woolworth's Quality Assurance Standard.

GT Produce applies HACCP quality monitoring and verification procedures within all areas of its operations. The quality system is aimed primarily at achieving customer satisfaction and ensuring product safety.

The following areas are constantly monitored to ensure a high quality of product.

Assessment of Suppliers

GT Produce is regularly in contact with growers regarding Quality Assurance. The majority of growers now have a ‘QA' system in place which also insures that testing is conducted on a yearly basis on produce.

Those growers who are yet to obtain certification are monitored through spray diaries and testing, and continually encouraged toward having a ‘QA' system put in place.

Inspection on Receival

On arrival produce is carefully inspected by our ‘Quality Control Officer' for quality, receival temperature and any concerns with transportation of produce. As we specialize in tropical fruits and vegetables, with the majority of it being grown in Queensland , New South Wales and the Northern Territory , it is important for transportation time to be kept to a minimum and for produce to travel at the correct temperature.

Temperature & Ripening Control

Coolroom temperatures are diligently monitored on a daily basis to ensure produce is stored at its optimum temperature until dispatch.

The correct storage of produce aids shelf life.

All ripening within our store is performed by trained staff and a strict procedure is adhered to.

Staff & Handling of Produce

All staff at GT Produce have been trained in ‘Good Hygiene Practises' and correct handling techniques of produce.

All produce is under a stringent stock rotation system.

‘Good Manufacturing Practises' are constantly monitored by the ‘Quality Control Representative' within our store.

If you have any enquiries regarding our Quality Assurance program please contact our Quality Control Representative Kerri Woods on

Office: 8349 6911 Mobile : 0429 305 823